Apprenticeship In Print

Advanced Standard for Print Technician Level 3 aimed at aged 16 plus

Course Overview

The Level 3 Apprenticeship Standard for Print Technician’s is suitable for those wishing to work within the printing industry, whether that be as a pre-press operative, machine printer or print finisher. The Print Technician Apprenticeship will provide you with all the skills, knowledge and behaviours you require for a successful print related career. Monthly classes with highly experienced tutors will provide the underpinning knowledge required whilst dedicated employers offer access to hands on practical training and invaluable experience in the print industry.

Entry Requirements

A Grade C/4 or above, or equivalent, is desirable for the Level 3 Apprenticeship. In cases’ where this grade has not been achieved initial assessments will be carried out on individual basis to establish suitability to the course. In some instances, it may be necessary for the Apprentice to study Maths and/or English alongside the Print Apprenticeship.


Course Content

The Level 3 Apprenticeship Standard for Print Technician’s has been specifically designed by employers and experts in the industry to provide essential training in all aspects of print including Pre-press, Press and Post press roles.  Delivered over 28 months the course will cover and provide all the skills, knowledges and behaviours required for the Apprentice to become a fully qualified and competent employee. From the outset the Employer will make the decision as to which area of the company they wish their Apprentice to specialise:

Pre-Press   For those involved in designing and creating digital print ready artwork and/or those involved in the making/creating of images carriers, planning and preparing the of a job for press.

Press – This is for those involved in the set up and operation of the printing machines across a wide range of processes.

Post-Press – This is for you, if your involved in converting the printed job into the end product for the customer.

During the designated study days industry experienced tutors will deliver underpinning knowledge relevant to the route being studied, enabling the Apprentice to build their understanding and awareness of the industry they are becoming a part of. Throughout the course the Apprentice will also be supported to build a portfolio of evidence which will stand as part of their competency toward the end of their qualification. The employer is also expected to play a significant role in the achievement of the Apprenticeship by providing their Apprentice with a supportive mentor who will in turn provide hands on training and continuous development to practice and broaden the Apprentices abilities and competencies within the work place. 20% of the apprentices contracted working hours over the duration of the course, MUST be designated to training and learning. This must be documented and evidence retained.

End Point Assessment

Whilst all the theory is delievered by Learn2print the end point assessment of the Apprentice is now carried out by an independent assessment centre, our desginated end point assessment centre for Print Apprentices is GQA. The end point assessment will consist of the following elements;

  • 90min professional disscussion with an assessor from GQA supported by production and presentation of the portfolio of evidence
  • 4 hour observation in the workplace
  • 60 question multiple choice exam

How the Apprenticeship is funded.

The total cost for the Level 3 Apprenticeship Standard is £12,000.00

Funding for Apprenticeships can be confusing and varied depending on the size of your company and the amount you pay out in wage bills. You will firstly need to identify whether the company pays into the new levy. The table below can then be used to establish how the funding structure will affect your company. You will see that in some cases a 5% employer contribution is required – this is 5% of the total cost of the Apprenticeship (total cost of Apprenticeships listed below) and is required from the offset of the Apprenticeship. Should your company be a levy paying company the cost of the Apprenticeship will be taken from this levy in monthly instalments – providing you have sufficient funds in the levy, this information should be available from the designated person in your company.

In cases where you employ an Apprentice aged 16-18years old you will receive a £1000.00 employer incentive this is paid out in the following way;

  • £500 after the Apprentice has been on programme for 3 months
  • A further £500 after the Apprentice has been on programme 12 months

Under the current Covid situation, the Government are adding a further additional £2000 for every new apprentice.

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