Management Training

As the going gets TOUGHER why not get your organisation LEANER and more competitive by implementing a B-IT !

In today’s competitive marketplace many organisations are finding it increasingly difficult to satisfy customer demands. They are being asked to meet “on-time” deliveries despite fluctuating schedules, maintain high quality standards and still offer price reductions. For businesses these demands can seem impossible to satisfy.
At Learn2Print we offer the NVQ Diploma in Business-Improvement Techniques. Proven tools and techniques designed to improve your business, reduce costs and engage your workforce to become more competitive.

Potential Benefits

• Reduced lead time, waste, defects and rework
• Improved quality, cost and delivery to customers
• Increased teamwork and employee engagement
• Better performance and profits.

B-IT gives organisation the skills and knowledge to become more competitive and move up to a higher level.

What are the qualifications about?

Get the skills you need to improve your business performance and help your organisation reduce waste and costs, improve productivity and become more competitive. A Business Improvement Techniques NVQ will give you the skills to advance your business career and add value to your organisation.

Who are they for?

Business Improvement Techniques NVQs are for people whose role is to improve their company’s performance and reduce waste. They can be helpful for people working in all sectors, as continuous improvement is a given in today’s climate.
There are qualifications to suit those starting out in business improvement, as well as options for managers with specific responsibilities for achieving business objectives.

Under the current Covid situation, the Government are adding a further additional £2000 for every new apprentice.

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